D&B Baseball Training

Offering instruction in all aspects of the game: hitting, pitching, defense, base running, and stressing the importance of mental preparation and approaches to the game.



Group Instruction:

The importance of private instruction for aspiring young players is extremely important in their personal progression. However, the financial affordability for private instruction can be a hurdle at times. Therefore, we have created a model that allows players to receive professional instruction at an affordable price so they can consistently receive the necessary instruction.


1 hour sessions

6 players maximum in a group

2 instructors

$25 per player

Loyalty cards given at first attendance


Weekly Hitting Camps are currently being offered in Clermont, FL (west Orlando). To be added to the e-mail list go to the Contact page.


Group Pitching Sessions and Defensive Clinics (same model) are offered as well. E-mails are sent out when these are being offered.


Arm Strengthening Camp:


6 week program:

Offered in the last 3 weeks of November and the first 3 weeks of December. 1 hour long strength and conditioning sessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each player also is given a throwing program to follow over the 6 weeks.


Sessions include:

Coaching on proper throwing mechanics

Medicine ball routines

Shoulder maintenance routines (bands, rice buckets, rotator cuff exercises)


Running program (sprints!)

...and more!


$300 per player (12 sessions = $25 rate per session*)

Payment plans available

*Must commit to full 6 weeks, can not "pay as you go" per session.


3 Week Training Program:


This is a mini version of our Arm Strengthening Camp. These will be offered in January, May, and August. 


Many players don't prepare their arms and bodies for the rigors of a season. If your arm is "hanging" the first week of practice or a new season than this means you! In these 3 weeks, our goal is to properly train each player with baseball specific exercises so they are ready to go on day 1!


$120 per player ($90 in January for Nov/Dec 6 week participants)



Christmas Camp:


December 26th-27th

8:30 am - 12 noon

Players 13 and under

Minneola Athletic Complex --Minneola, FL

$90 per player

*Contact info at top right of page for more details.



Private Instruction:


1 on 1 private instruction rates:

$50 (hitting, pitching, and/or defense)

*Package rates available upon request.