After a 4 year collegiate career and a few months spent exerperiencing the life of Independent Professional Baseball, Brian immediately entered a career in coaching. From coaching in the Florida Collegiate Summer League, to coaching with the nationally recognized Orlando Scorpions organization, and working with other youth teams as young as 8...Brian has learned to translate his knowledge and experiences to audiences of all ages.


"I don't believe in putting ceilings on a player just because of their age. I try to discuss advanced principles to all players regardless of age or experience, and the thing I've found is that more times than not...they can do it! They just have to be challenged!"


Brian has skills and experience in the world of Sports Performance and therapy fields as well as baseball. A Licensed Massage Therapist (MA 67739) in the state of Florida and working under the likes of Human Motion Associates, Sports Specific Training, and Massage Timeout!, has enabled Brian to understand crucial movement patterns and analysis skills to help not only his baseball players, but any athlete or individual who has come for massage therapy services.


"Everything I do revolves around being the best, especially when it comes to baseball. I wanted to be as complete of a coach and as a professional as possible. That is the reason I pursued a degree in Exercise Science and then later on received my Massage Therapy license so I could have skills that can benefit my players in all areas of being an athlete. With these skills and experiences, I can now help guide my players not only from a baseball standpoint, but also help them understand how to keep their bodies healthy so they can stay on the field."